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Nevi in a very serious voice:   “Mom, how can a salami kill you?”

Me:  “Well a salami is a type of meat, like pepperoni, and I have no idea, outside of someone choking, how  it could kill somebody.”

Nevi again:  “But Mom, the other night at dinner (about 2 months ago to be exact) Daddy prayed for the people who had been killed by the salami”

Me:  “That would be a  “tsunami”, Nevi”.

Poor little sweetie – I can’t imagine what other misunderstandings are swimming around in her brain.


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Hide the Passwords!

Sam and Nevi sat crowded on my lap today as we searched the internet for Star Wars backpacks.  Sam’s only requirement was that it had to be 3-D – which shot my brilliant idea of buying the adorable one that Pottery Barn sells.  Instead, we ended up on eBay where we found exactly what he wanted.  Nevi clicked all the payment buttons, I filled in a few passwords, and it was purchased.  An hour later Sam walked by me and said, “I can’t believe I get that backpack off the internet, it’s like it was free.  All we had to do what press some buttons and it’s going to come to our house!”

I better hide my passwords!

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Misunderstanding Moments with Sam

This morning Sam came into my room dressed in a church shirt that was in desperate need of ironing so I asked him to take off the wrinkled number so that  I could iron it.  He looked at me, paused to think and then said, “nah, I’m pretty much already warm enough”  Apparantly he thinks an iron is a clothes warmer,  not a wrinkle remover.

After lunch today, Ellie headed outside to use her new magnifying glass to burn a dead bee “at the stake” as she stated it.  She gathered some dead leaves, found a nice sunny section of the neighbors (sorry Hickersons!!! I didn’t know) driveway and got to work.  The efforts resulted in lots of smoke, but no flame.  After several discussions and many trips in and out of the house for advice, she gave it one more try.  Sam walked out, looked at what she was doing, and asked,  “Ellie, why aren’t you just using a match?”

Not a misunderstanding, but still worthy of remembering, Friday night I took the 3 middle kids for a special night out while Ellie was at a party – dinner at Jose Peppers and then to off to see the movie Rio.  As we were walking out of the theater, Sam very dramatically stated to us with his arms making a swishing motion in the air, “We must never speak about this night to Ellie!”

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Diary of a Birthday

Our sweet Geneva Grace turned 4 today.  Here’s a recap:


Her last picture as a three year old – what a wonderful year it was!!!

Birthday breakfasts at our house always consist of homemade waffles or pancakes, berries and fresh whipped cream.  The night before her big day, as I was kissing her goodnight, she requested a can of Princess Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup!  No argument from me – it was much easier to fix!!!

Next came presents!  I love what was captured in this picture because no matter the age or gender of my children, they all got excited about the gifts Nevi opened.  The whole crew spent several minutes decorating play cupcakes, serving tea in the new tea set, and even trying to squeeze onto her new doll bunk bed!

Sam wasn’t too sure about the whole “tea party” thing, but as soon as he saw that chocolate chips were involved, he put his “man pride” aside and dug in!

Millie was so excited to be included.  Now, every day when she sits down in her booster chair for lunch, she says “tea, tea!” until I bring her the little pot full of water.

The tea party was going along fabulously, so I stepped outside to take out the trash.  Sam came running out a minute later, saying in a very serious voice. “We have a situation in there mom!”  I went in to find Millie on top of the table and flower petals strewn all over the place – why do I even take my eyes off her for a minute?

Next it was off to see crazy Dr. Nichols for her 4 year well-child check .  I would have loved to have her dressed in something cute for our day on the town, but I decided to just relax and enjoy the cuteness of the ensemble she picked out herself.  During the entire office visit, Nevi did not crack a smile or speak a word.  When it was time for her vision test, Sam and Millie proudly stood outside in the hall and observed.  At one point, Nevi could not make out one of the pictures on the vision chart, and Sam could not take it a second longer.  He sidled right up next to her and whispered the answer in her ear!  A nice early start to cheating – how proud I was!  We ended the visit with a trip to the bathroom so that she could provide a urine specimen – this was not something she was excited about at all.  She pursed her lips, and looked at me as if to say, “mom, this is the grossest thing I have ever done!”  Sam, on the other hand, tried to take Dr. Nichols up on his  offer to let  Sam produce a specimen too, and was so annoyed when I wouldn’t let him!

Next it was a yummy lunch at Red Robin – soda and fries for everyone!  The kids were so excited.

After a quiet afternoon at home, we dropped Nevi off for some shopping time at Target with Aunt Mim.  Nevi had been pouring over the baby doll aisle there for months, and I was excited to see what she picked out.  When we met back up later in the evening for ice cream, she came running out to our car yelling, “Diapy Wipey!  Diapy Wipey!” as she proudly showed us her new doll.  I can honestly say that I have never seen that sweet girl more hyper or excited!  It was so funny.

It’s become an awesome tradition with 5 kid birthday’s a year to skip the big birthday dinner and just meet for ice cream and presents – everyone’s happy and I don’t have a big mess to clean up.

Then it was off to bed, with the anticipation of a fun friend birthday party the next day – pictures to come.

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Mother’s Day

Had a great day. Sweet homemade cards, a scavenger hunt for gift cards to my favorite places and a yummy meal that I didn’t have to cook. Sam got so into the scavenger hunt game that after it was all over he hid a penny and 2 jewel stickers, handed me a flashlight and said. “I think you’re going to need a flashlight for these presents mom”. My Favorite thing?  The card Janie made me that said ” I don’t care if you’re pretty or not. I still love you”. Thanks… I think!

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Too Much Reading

Ellie was grumbling tonight about having to go to the evening service at church – she doesn’t really understand the content of the sermon and she hates having to put her dress clothes back on.  I was trying to explain to her that we don’t do it for ourselves, but to please God and then I went on to say, “in fact, I was reading something the other day that talked about how what pleases God most is when we obey his laws cheerfully”  She looked at me with a funny face and replied in all sincerity, “Mom, maybe you read too much!”

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Treasure Box

I have always viewed my laundry shoot as a huge asset to trying to keep an “orderly” home.  I never have to look at piles of dirty laundry on the main levels of my house, and no one minds throwing their clothes down.  When Janie was born, in the throws of trying to control a wild toddler, I was petrified that Ellie would try to put Janie in it.  Thank goodness that never happened – with any of the kids.

Any playmate that has come to play at our house has always been fascinated with the contraption – I often find “treasures” ie; stuffed animals, little legos and Polly Pockets at the landing – so, as long as I can remember, along with the kids’ pile of laundry to bring up each week, there are always miscellaneous toys to bring up as well.  No big deal…

Until… Millie discovered it.  This week I opened the landing door to discover hundreds of paper clips, tacks and clips mixed in with the dirty clothes – she went to my desk drawer, grabbed the containers full of supplies, and dumped them down the shoot!

I’m getting too old for this job!

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