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Sam and his buddy were having a great time playing together, so I left them to work on something down the hall. I kept hear a banging sound followed by giggles. After a few minutes passed, I went to investigate. This is the scene I witnessed: The contents of 2 entire shelves in his closet were empty with the exception of 2 giddy little boys, and all the “Stuff” that used to be neatly set on the shelves, was strewn across the floor. Again, not wanting to waste a perfectly good blogging moment, I grabbed the camera. I’ve got to get control of this boy!


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Tonight, Janie and I were snuggled down in her bed reading a story about a group of mice performing a famous ballet. Toward the end of the story, after reading that Angelina, the mouse, had been praised for dancing “perfectly”, Janie turned to me and said, “Mom, I don’t think this can be a true story, because no one does anything perfect except for God.” Apparently dancing mice don’t seem too difficult to imagine…..

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I was helping in Sam’s 2 year old Sunday school class yesterday, and thoroughly enjoyed watching him sit on the edge of his seat waiting for a snack. The teacher was asking review questions, and giving kids a cracker after they answered. When she asked for someone to repeat today’s memory verse, Sam raised his hand and said, “2, 4, 8, 4, God!!! I think Elli’s cheerleading stint inspired him!

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This article is one that I pull out and read on occasion, when I am doubting by “career choice” as a mom. I have many idols, and by God’s grace, he is slowly exposing them to me: desire for control and order, clean house, perfectly obedient children, etc;  This article by G.K. Chesterton empowers and convicts me.

To God be the Glory!

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Do you see that twinkle in his eyes? Isn’t it darling…. We see that look quite a bit, and it is usually accompanied with something questionable.

Today, this is the scene I “witnessed.” Ok, yes, I should have been stopping him instead of taking pictures, but it was so funny! Next time, I will be tough! He told me, “I playin firetruck mommy!”, but I know what he was really after! Can you read those labels?

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I can remember Elli pushing Jane around in the bitty baby stroller…  with Sam and Nevi, the mode of transporation is a little different!

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Under the tree

Since the event took place, at random times, I would just start laughing thinking of what happened. I thought it was time to jot the story down, so as to never forget it.

It was Christmas 2006 and we were in Pennsylvania visiting my family. The four oldest cousins, much to their delight, all received a beautiful American Girl Doll on Christmas morning (Thanks Grammy and Papa!). The families were now blessed with four more beautiful girls: Kaya, Felicity, Molly and Josephina. The rest of the day was filled with changing the dolls’ clothes, fixing their hair with the new hair kits, and setting the dolls up in scenes. These were good times…

Fast forward 24 hours. Jodi and I were in the car, with all four girls and their four new dolls. Everyone was singing, and having a great times, while they fixed their dolls’ hair for their first big outing. All of a sudden, as Morgan was using the brush on her doll, she let out a scream and we watch in horror as Felicity head went tumbling down to the floor, WITHOUT THE REST OF HER BODY!!! The happy sounds in the car come to a screeching halt, as every girl stared at the scene. I swept up the head, grabbed the body, and got to work quickly reattaching the head using the string at the top of her back to secure it in place. In a matter of moments, all was well. Felicity was back in Morgan’s arms and we resumed our drive. The moment had not been lost on any of the girls, and no one picked up a brush the rest of the trip. As for Jodi and I, we could not stop laughing. Never had we witnessed our kids so quiet.

After arriving back at my parents’, we retold the catastrophic event of the afternoon. Nathan, not one to read instructions manuals, piped in, “I read in the doll hair book, you should always place one hand on the dolls head while brushing it with the other.” At that point I wasn’t sure which was funnier, the decapitation of Felicity, or the fact that my not so detail minded, very manly husband, knew how to properly brush and American Girl Doll’s hair!

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