All clothing and accessories were chosen by Miss Millie.  She wants to do EVERYTHING just like her brother and sisters – down to the latest trends, ie; silly socks, silly bands, tie dye (maybe not the latest trend for most people, but we aren’t the hippest of people!) and sometimes even a pair or five of Bo’s (her name for Sam) underwear!

I think this is why she seems so exhausting to me right now.  She’s an 8 year old wrapped in the body of a 20 month old.  She doesn’t understand why she can’t be involved in every activity that she sees:  jumping with the big kids on the trampoline, riding bikes, etc; and she is not at all quiet about her resentment.  Luckily she has siblings that delight in her every action, and try to include her whenever possible.  My biggest job right now is convincing them that catering to her every desire will not make for a sweet child – they will do anything to make her happy – and she knows it!




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