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I found this picture of Sam tonight while working on a project and I couldn’t stop laughing… Back in October while I was in the living room visiting with friends, my little “Pumpkin” was in the kitchen picking through the trash eating candy from our party! I would have died if this had happened to Elli as a baby, but this time, all I could do was grab the camera!


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First Snow

We were in short sleeves a few days ago, and Thursday was our first snow day ever. Elli was so excited to have the day off. We decorated for Christmas, the girls played in the snow, and we made snow ice cream.

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ELLI’S 6!!

What a great day we had! Aunt Mim surprised Elli by picking her up in a big yellow school bus to take her to school! Elli has always been a bit dissapointed that her school doesn’t have buses, so this was quite a treat for her!

On Friday, Elli had a “pretend sleepover.” Macey and Lexi painted all the girls nails, and we ate doughnuts and watched Frosty. It was really fun.
Thanks Grammy and Papa for the matching PJ’s for Elli and Molly. She hasn’t slept with out them since she opened them!

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