Misunderstanding Moments with Sam

This morning Sam came into my room dressed in a church shirt that was in desperate need of ironing so I asked him to take off the wrinkled number so that  I could iron it.  He looked at me, paused to think and then said, “nah, I’m pretty much already warm enough”  Apparantly he thinks an iron is a clothes warmer,  not a wrinkle remover.

After lunch today, Ellie headed outside to use her new magnifying glass to burn a dead bee “at the stake” as she stated it.  She gathered some dead leaves, found a nice sunny section of the neighbors (sorry Hickersons!!! I didn’t know) driveway and got to work.  The efforts resulted in lots of smoke, but no flame.  After several discussions and many trips in and out of the house for advice, she gave it one more try.  Sam walked out, looked at what she was doing, and asked,  “Ellie, why aren’t you just using a match?”

Not a misunderstanding, but still worthy of remembering, Friday night I took the 3 middle kids for a special night out while Ellie was at a party – dinner at Jose Peppers and then to off to see the movie Rio.  As we were walking out of the theater, Sam very dramatically stated to us with his arms making a swishing motion in the air, “We must never speak about this night to Ellie!”


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