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Elli fanning Mrs. T, who, as you can see, is quite the ham!


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Well, I have probably had all of 5 minutes of peace where I got the chance to say, “Wow, Elli and Janie are really getting along these day!” before the fighting between the “old married couple” aka Sam and Nevi started in.  They bicker about everything.  Most days, Sam is the bully (so sad to see!) and Nevi is the victim.  Sometimes, Nevi is pesky and Sam is just “rinoyyed”  Anyway, Nathan took Nevi to work with him today and I was amazed at how much more Sam and I visited in the car.  Here is what we discussed:

“Mom, wouldn’t a peanut butter and poison ivy sandwich be tisgusting?”

Mom, is it bad to say, “Burst  you bubble?”  When I replied no, he said, “Really?  Then what about, ‘Sorry to burst your bubble?’, is that bad?”  I couldn’t even answer him, I was laughing so hard.

Sam:  “Mom, I wish we were still at my cousin Ian’s house”

Me: “I do too, buddy!”

Sam: “No, because it was your idea to leave!”  Um, I guess he doesn’t understand Nathan’s job, the girls school, or plane tickets.

Me:  “Well, Daddy had to work and the girls had to go to school

Sam:  Why doesn’t Daddy just get all his workers to do the work, then we  could stay and play!

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