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Geneva Grace

Nevi, Nevigail, Nevers, … She smiles for any of these.

Reasons to love her:

1. She rarely cries

2. She sleeps 12 hours a night (FINALLY!!!)

3. She will smile any time you talk with her.

4. She likes her car seat – 4th child HAS to.
Car pool, ballet and piano… She goes to it all!

5. When Sam sits on her head (It has happened
more than once) she doesn’t fuss.

6. She never argues about the clothes I pick out for her.

7. She looks just like the other three kids that I love.


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The whole gang out front for the annual group shot

Elli’s bear, Emily, getting checked and bandaged

Sam loved every minute of the check-up

Our little Nevi worn out from the whole affair!

One of our favorite local events is the Teddy Bear Picnic. The kids bring their favorite bear for its annual doctor and dental check-up, play games, and run around the beautiful botanical gardens. Despite the humidity, it was still a great day!


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Janie kept herself entertained for a long time with this silly sprinkler that I traveled to all four Targets to find, paid full price for, and then found on clearance in every store the following week. Even though, after one use, most of the squirmy things were dead, I still think it was worth it for this picture.

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Elli is a creature of habit. She finds something she likes to wear, and you might as well throw everything else away, because she’s not going to wear it (Hmmm, where does she get this trait? I’ve been known to buy the same pants or shirt in EB or Bass in every shade I can get so that I can wear it everyday)

Anyway, last year she got these jeans that wouldn’t come off her body… 100 degree heat – she still wore them. Eventually the knees had holes, and she put them aside to have grandma make into shorts. She was so sad, because she knew she would never find another pair as wonderful. Well, thank goodness for Gymboree – we found some, AND they were on sale. I should have bought more…

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A Long Wait

My friend Joni says that you should ALWAYS have a toddler in your house: they may be trouble, but they are always good for a laugh or tender moment. I’ve notice that many of my blog entries are about him these days, but he is so hilarious, it’s difficult not to share!

On this particular day, Elli got him dressed for school, and he kept saying “Backpack!” So, Elli went and got his, and he proudly dropped the girls off for school. Every day since, its been the same routine. Poor guy, four years is a long time to wait for the real thing…

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Superman had a little accident Friday night. Luckily, Daddy has more of a stomach for such things than I do, and immediately took him to the ER (Which he eventually left due to a terribly long wait). Four hours later, with a sticky face, a belly full of sweets, and five beautiful stitches, he was feeling great! Thanks to Dr. Kim, or as Sam calls her, “Mommy”, he didn’t have to wait any longer, and instead got the stitches on her kitchen counter.

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