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I wish the girls gave me so much to blog about!

I asked Sam today which one of his ears hurt.  He replied, “Well, they both hurt.  This one hurts when you touch it, and the other one hurts if a knife touches it”



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When I was pregnant with Millie, Sam was sure he was going to have a brother.  He wanted to name him Max or Ike, and when SHE was born, he decided to change his name to Max Ike.  I have promised him 4 incredible brother in laws one day, and he can be on the interview team to make sure they are up to his standards.

Yesterday, while I was changing Millie on our living room floor, Sam walked in behind me while she was fully exposed, paused to look at her, and with a contemplative sigh said, “Well, I guess she really is a girl.”  I didn’t realize he was still hoping!

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Throughout my childhood, I can remember countless times of enduring what Jodi and I referred to as, “FFF” aka, Forced Family Fun.  You know, the activity that sounds good in a brochure or advertisement, but in reality isn’t worth the trouble.  As we embarked on an adventure to find wild horses on the tip of the Outer Banks tonight, I very much felt like I was about to experience some “Forced family Fun”  We were all stuffed into one vehicle (9 kids, 6 adults, and one teenager) to view these wild horses.  I was tired, the baby was cranky, and the kids were LOUD!!!

Well, we never did get to see any wild horses, but the area of beach that we visited was desolate, beautiful and full of frothy waves.  Nevi and Sam could take it no more, and stripped down to only underwear and dove in.  They swam with looks of pure delight.  I laughed and laughed, and then filled up my entire memory card with pictures of their adventure.

On the way home we sang every camp song we could think of, laughed and laughed about Jodi’s failed attempt at finding horses, and then picked up a load of seafood for the adults to go home and eat.

This night of forced family fun turned out to be one of the highlights of our trip!

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~An evening walk to the beach, where the waves were rough, but the water was warm.

~A baby’s toes first dip in the ocean

~ Pasta night and sharing ice cream with cousins on the deck

~ Having your daddy help you with a craft (this one melts me:))

~ A late night trip to the beach with a flashlight, bucket and your older cousins (no adults allowed) to hunt for crabs.

Sleep came fast tonight!

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