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Those poor Romans…  How were they able to keep their togas in place without an Ipod?


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I am sitting at my computer trying to make a deadline for a design project I am working on.  I am feeling stressed and grumpy. ..  and then in comes Sam.

Sam:  “Mom, can I just sleep in your bed for a yittle while?”

Me:  “Sure, but you need to be quiet and go right to sleep.”

Sam: “I will”

The next 20 minutes were spent trying to ignore him while I worked.  Ha!

Some of the things I overheard:

I am dreaming about Superhero Barbies right now!

Sometimes I sleep with my eyes open and I can still talk!

Mommy, someday I think I am going to eat a whole box of donuts all by myself.

Mommy, when I am 55, I think I will still like to eat donuts.

I gave up on the design project and just started typing out the things he was saying.  I just noticed that the room is finally silent…  He’s asleep and  I am in a better mood.  I love that boy!

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