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NATHAN:  Great seafood, crashing in the waves with each of the kids (no one was afraid this year!) and the EuroCup on the plasma TV in the living room (with a view of the water!)

HEIDI:  Smelling the ocean air, watching my kids fall in love with the ocean, babies napping at the house with the dads while my sister and I sat on the beach with the big kids – diet coke and book in hand … that is what I imagine heaven will be like! 

THE KIDDOS:  Hanging out with cousins, body surfing, chasing crabs, collecting shells and dead jellyfish, visits from the ice cream truck, and…  a tv in every room!





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This was written the 21st of May, but just published tonight!

Today is the last day of school for the girls. It was a “non-uniform” day, which made it all the more exciting. They enjoyed a slideshow, cookies, lunch outside, and the fun of cleaning out their desks. As promised all year, I will take them to Sonic for a coke slush as soon as the little ones wake up from their naps. Then it is on to the park for a school wide picnic.

The lump in my throat today comes from having to say goodbye to some of our most treasured friends. Melissa and I met at a mom’s group when I was pregnant with Janie. Her Abby was 9 months, and my Elli was a little over one year. We were so excited to find each other – both east coast transplants, both from reformed churches, and both raising a little girl. We shared many trips to the children’s museum, lunches with kids, the zoo, girl’s trips to Kansas City, movie nights, and Book Club. Conversations were rarely finished, as we always had kids around. Five more children were born between the two of us, and I don’t think either of us could have survived those pregnancies without one another. I would drop my kids off for each OB appointment, knowing they were happy and safe, arrive back to Melissa’s for a little conversation and a diet coke. It was a beautiful thing…

Once the girls reached school age, we each separately chose the classical school, and enjoyed watching our two girls get even closer. Elli has a loyalty that I admire, and she would often say to me, “Mom, Abby is my best friend in the whole world, because we have known each other since we were babies.”

This winter, I was informed that they would be moving back to the East Coast. From one side of my head (The unselfish one), I was so happy for her. This move promised a less stressful job for her husband, a drivable distance to their families, and a chance to get back to what felt normal. From the other side of my head, I was heartbroken. No one can put a price tag on a casual friendship – one that needs no formal invitations, reasons to call, or hesitance to ask for help. As a mom, I was sad for Elli. I know how I felt, and didn’t wish the same feelings on her.

We pray that God will give us the grace to close this chapter of our lives in a manner that isn’t as painful as it now seems it might be. We will miss you guys, and can’t wait for a visit!

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