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Elli and I went to church today, while Daddy stayed home with Janie (Strep throat and mono!!!) and the two little ones. When I returned, I found a wild scene. Sharpie markers and glitter glue, a boat made out of chairs and couch cushions, and a child casting an actual fishing pole into our living room!

Why is it that the kids come up with the most creative activities (aka – messes) when I am not around? Could it be that they know, inevitably, I will ask them to clean it up, or say, “Oh, let’s not get that out right now”, or “Maybe later.” With Daddy, they just enjoy life to the fullest! I am glad these kids have both of us. Me, for food, clothes, and a sensible bedtime. Daddy, for fun!



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Well, off Janie went back to kindergarten today. She was so excited after being sick last week. I wasn’t lonely though – Elli was home today. Strep throat AGAIN. Poor girl! Do you think it is terrible that I secretly like it when my kids get a fever? They are quiet, cuddly, and want me to bring them tea, sit on the couch an read with them, and are just generally pleasant. My kids aren’t the most sedentary, and so, I enjoy a quiet moment to just hold them on my lap.

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