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What more could we ask for?  The Martin’s, Stegall’s and ourselves stole away from the conference one afternoon and took the 40 minute drive to Grand Haven Beach on Lake Michigan.  None of the kids spent much time in the water, but they would probably still be there digging holes in the sand if we hadn’t torn them away to return to Calvin for dinner.

Maybe I was starving for vast expanses of water, but I absolutely LOVED it there. Yes, it was very cold, but it was beautiful, there was lots of sand for the kids to play in, and the town was charming.



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What a wonderful trip! After much deliberation on whether to fly or drive, I believe we made the correct decision – driving! It allowed us to spend time with so many dear friends and family members. Here is a recap of our stops in pictures:


No picture from Richmond, so just pretend you are looking at a picture

of all the kids trashing Melissa and Dave’s newly unpacked house

We made a quick overnight stop to see Melissa & family. What a blessing to be able to experience where they moved, and have time to reconnect! She even helped me detail my car after the long trip – ahhh she speaks my language!


Read the previous post. I miss the Atlantic already. Sunday the girls and I finally made some crafts with their shell collections. I found myself smelling the shells – take me back!!!


We spent a much anticipated 2 night stay with Nathan’s sister and family. My kids were right at home with their newly transplanted cousins – like they hadn’t missed a day together! They enjoyed a huge water balloon fight, riding bikes, and a trip on the Metro to see some of the sights of DC.


We were so anxious to see my mom and dad. We REALLY missed having them at the beach! The kids loved getting more time to spend with my sister’s family too. I was able to celebrate my birthday with the whole clan – that hasn’t happened since my 20’s!

Words cannot express how difficult it was to have my mom in the hospital during this stay. With young children, visits to the hospital are not ideal. I wanted my mom to have a ring side seat to my children in everyday, informal life. This was not possible during short stops at the hospital. God is good though. Mom did not seem bitter about any of this. She enjoyed each visit we made to her bedside, and never once complained.


After leaving my parents’ to make the long trek home, we were able to meet up with Nathan’s sister, Tania, and her 5 kids along the PA turnpike. We ate Sheetz MTO’s on a picnic blanket (We spend way too much time eating the foods of my past when we are back that way!), and watched the kids play. It was so much fun to catch up a little!


We met up with Nathan’s college soccer coach and the rest of the Murray family at Alexander Hall for dinner – did I really eat that food every day for 4 years? and then drove to their home 45 minutes away. They have four kids very close in age to ours, and although they had never met, you would have never know it! It was a great chance to reconnect.

I don’t have any pictures to create the sights and sounds of our car during the last 17 hours of driving. I can tell you that there were crumbs everywhere, an entire bag of clothes from Aunt Tania strewn across the car, aluminum foil pieces EVERYWHERE – a special thanks goes out to Family Fun magazine for that idea – the kids enjoyed ripping the foil to shreds, and no one really got into the sculpture making contest., and lots of whining, bickering and pleads to stop for potty brakes. The sight of our house was enough to make me tear up for joy – I couldn’t wait to lock myself in a room away from anyone calling me “Mommy!”

Those thoughts aside for now, it was a wonderful trip for everyone!!

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