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Too Much Reading

Ellie was grumbling tonight about having to go to the evening service at church – she doesn’t really understand the content of the sermon and she hates having to put her dress clothes back on.  I was trying to explain to her that we don’t do it for ourselves, but to please God and then I went on to say, “in fact, I was reading something the other day that talked about how what pleases God most is when we obey his laws cheerfully”  She looked at me with a funny face and replied in all sincerity, “Mom, maybe you read too much!”


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Treasure Box

I have always viewed my laundry shoot as a huge asset to trying to keep an “orderly” home.  I never have to look at piles of dirty laundry on the main levels of my house, and no one minds throwing their clothes down.  When Janie was born, in the throws of trying to control a wild toddler, I was petrified that Ellie would try to put Janie in it.  Thank goodness that never happened – with any of the kids.

Any playmate that has come to play at our house has always been fascinated with the contraption – I often find “treasures” ie; stuffed animals, little legos and Polly Pockets at the landing – so, as long as I can remember, along with the kids’ pile of laundry to bring up each week, there are always miscellaneous toys to bring up as well.  No big deal…

Until… Millie discovered it.  This week I opened the landing door to discover hundreds of paper clips, tacks and clips mixed in with the dirty clothes – she went to my desk drawer, grabbed the containers full of supplies, and dumped them down the shoot!

I’m getting too old for this job!

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Never Saw It Coming

I met Nathan my freshman year in college while playing on the same intramural volleyball team.  I thought he was so good looking and loved the fact that he played soccer like myself.  I thought his slight “twang” was cute and found the fact that he was from Kansas so enduring.  He seemed to dress like every other East Coaster I knew, loved anything North Face and  drove a Jetta – so I thought it was safe to fall in love with him.

3 years later, degree and marriage certificate in hand, I climbed in said Jetta and headed to Kansas with him – it was only going to be for a short while.  He just needed to finish a 2nd degree at Friends and then we would be off to some quaint little town along the  east coast – where we spend our free time at museums and bookstores, when we weren’t coaching or teaching.

I can still remember that first drive to Kansas after our wedding.  I fell asleep somewhere westbound on I-70 between Kansas City and Wichita.  When I woke up, Nathan was singing a song at the top of his lungs.  I thought it was so funny and then I listened closely and realized it was country music.  I was shocked – didn’t we only like Harry Connick Jr, Depeche Mode and Erasure??? (ok, slight exaggeration there, I loved these singers, but he seemed to have indulged me up to this point and never once had we EVER listened to any country music together!)

So, fast forward a few years into  wedded bliss and I began to see more obvious hints of “hillbilly” in my man.  There was the time  he didn’t even flinch when his grandma asked him to come over and shoot her old cat, or the fishing he made me do on a little man-made lake on a friend’s property, the barbecue restaurant, “Bucks Barbecue” that he loved (Which incidently got turned into a Starbucks and makes me smile every time I see it!)  or the gleam I saw in his eye when he brought home a full body fleece camouflage outfit for baby Sam.  We loved to laugh at the changes in my life, and it always made for a good story – but really I was living a happy life in a fun city with great friends and a wonderful little family.

Well, when we hit 15 years of marriage I think Nathan decided there was no point in hiding his true nature any longer – he declared in Eddie Bauer one day that he never really liked any of the clothes they made (Shock to me who bought him lots of items there!) and began making lots more trips to Gander Mountain (sort of like Bass Pro Shop) instead of his usual Backwoods (trendy outdoors equipment and apparel)  Next came the firearms and a clay pigeon “launcher.”

But, I knew that it was all over, when he returned from a trip to Gander last week with this  fleece for me and it was NOT a joke – he really thought I would like it:

Update:  So I indulged him the other day and put the fleece on – only in the house, of course.  Unfortunately, it is a really comfortable one  that I would ordinarily love to wear (if it were in a  SOLID color).  He told me about 3 or 20 times how cute I looked – why couldn’t he say that when I wear the clothes I like???


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All clothing and accessories were chosen by Miss Millie.  She wants to do EVERYTHING just like her brother and sisters – down to the latest trends, ie; silly socks, silly bands, tie dye (maybe not the latest trend for most people, but we aren’t the hippest of people!) and sometimes even a pair or five of Bo’s (her name for Sam) underwear!

I think this is why she seems so exhausting to me right now.  She’s an 8 year old wrapped in the body of a 20 month old.  She doesn’t understand why she can’t be involved in every activity that she sees:  jumping with the big kids on the trampoline, riding bikes, etc; and she is not at all quiet about her resentment.  Luckily she has siblings that delight in her every action, and try to include her whenever possible.  My biggest job right now is convincing them that catering to her every desire will not make for a sweet child – they will do anything to make her happy – and she knows it!



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Out of the mouths..

Sorry Grammy and Pappa, it’s been way too long since my last post.  I hate to miss out on opportunities to document this crazy life, but I have been O.V.E.R.W.H.E.L.M.E.D!!!


Conversations  I overheard tonight:

Nevi:  sitting at the table eating her spaghetti  (and apparently picking her nose):  “That was the Worst tasting booger I have ever eaten!”  nice…

Sam:  I took the kids to Braums tonight on the way to pick up Janie from AWANA (more on the subject later).  I was feeling uncharacteristically generous  and allowed each child to order a waffle cone with 2 different flavored dips! When it was time to leave, I went to the counter and ordered Janie a single dip waffle cone to go.  Ellie was very concerned that Janie would be upset with the discrepancy and swore Sam and Nevi to total secrecy.  Sam looked at Ellie and said, “But what if she can smell the 2 different flavors on us?”   Not to worry…  Sam spilled the beans 2 minutes after Janie got in the car.

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