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This morning I woke up, forgetting that it was even my birthday.  That seems to be the way it is the older I get – not as big of a deal anymore.  Anyway, unbeknownst to me, Elli had snuck downstairs to make me a birthday breakfast and Janie to make me a card.  She came up to my bed with a plate  of perfectly cooked eggs, some cinnamon toast, and a cup of tea.  Janie followed with a really sweet card.  A minute later, Sam snuck in beside me with a huge smile, a kiss, and said “Happy Birthday Mommy!” as he dropped his whole collection of super heroes and lego people on my lap.  I don’t think it could get any sweeter than that!  Oh, and then Nevi tinkled on my bed!:)  Something from everyone!



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Sam had been playing in this mud puddle for quite some time when he yelled out to me.  I went out to the deck to see what he needed, and, with a mud covered face and body, he yelled, “Mom, can I please have one…, no maybe three napkins?”

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