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Oh, how the sights and smells of the Atlantic fill my cup.  This morning was especially sweet.  The older girls were on the sand before 9am, hunting for shells, dead jellyfish and crabs.  We all returned shortly after with suits and boards.  I set up a chair right near the water so that I could keep an eye on all the kids.  As I watched Elli and Janie go far into the surf with Maddie and Morgan, letting the waves crash over them, laughing and talking as they went, my heart swelled with  pride and gratitude.  These sweet girls have none of my crazy fears of getting pummeled by the waves – they just head right in looking for adventure.  They loved every minute of  it!

Even Nevi, who spent most of her time under the canopy, was perfectly happy playing with  her toes in the sand.

We ended this glorious day with wonderful seafood, wine, and a thunderstorm.  Thank you Lord, for this special time away with family, and the chance to see more of Your beautiful creation.  To God be the glory!


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Time with Daddy

Tonight, while swimming, Sam took some time to chase lightning bugs.  I asked him what he was doing and he said, “I’m playing bounty hunter with the lightning bugs!”

I think I’ve left the kids with Nathan too much lately…

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On the first day of summer break, Sam set up a yard sale.  He tried to sell all his guys that were “less than perfect.”  and ending up paying neighbors boys to buy them.  He’s never appreciated a toy that has a missing piece, or a broken arm.  No complaints, he just stops playing with them!

Note:  He didn’t sell any lemonade, but somehow it still disappeared!

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Mom, did you forget that I need a nap every day???

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Dear Janie and Elli,

Awhile back I wrote a post to describe how I had survived adding a new baby to our family.  As we have transitioned into summer mode around here, I have realized that I forgot to mention the two of you as my main helpers.  Again, this is not to brag, but to remember how wonderful you both are!

All school year you would set your alarm up on the third floor, get dressed, do your chores (most days :)) and go downstairs for breakfast.  Only after you were all ready would you come and wake me up – what a gift that was!  I was so lucky to get that extra 45 minutes of sleep with Millie up several times in the night.  Even after all that, I still found ways to get frustrated with you – I’m so sorry!  You did a really great job!

This summer has been so fun!  I feel like I’ve had 2 extra sets of hands to help me – Millie loves you both so much and it is wonderful to not have to watch her every move.  You like to complain about chores and piano, and I like to lecture you about obeying cheerfully and being grateful for all that you have, but I still think you’re both wonderful!

I’m so excited for all that is in store for us this summer!  I love you!

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