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Creative Outlet???


Elli just combined her Christmas and birthday money from Grammy and Papa to buy a Flip video camera.  I was singing its praises for days as I watched the kids make silly movies around the house and outside, and then hooking it up to the tv to view.  I envisioned plays written and acted out, mysteries developed and solved on camera – I couldn’t have been more pleased with this new creative outlet for the kids.

Fast forward to Saturday morning..  Elli came in bright and early to say she had filled up its one hour memory and they were going to view their handywork.  Of course I had NO problem with this type of tv watching!  Well, to my utter disgust, after walking down the stairs, I realized the what the kids were watching was the bootlegged copy of Holly Hobby that they had taped while watching at another time!  45 minutes of video was wasted on a movie on tv!  That is just like my kids to morph a great thought provoking activity  into a chance to watch tv!


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Poor Nevi, she thinks that she is 8.  Whatever the kids are doing, she is shamelessly copying.  Once Sam takes off a costume – it goes right on her!

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Sam’s Honey



This is Sam’s “honey”, at least that’s what he’s calling her these days.  The other day, I heard him say, “Honey, I’m down stairs”, and then later, “Come here honey!”  I am not sure where he got that term of endearment, because it is not one we use that often, but I still think it is so cute.  I wouldn’t mind her becoming his real honey some day – they are quite a pair!

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Baby Steps to catching up

I’ve been so overwhelmed by the idea of trying to catch up on this blog, that I’ve chosen to just avoid it.  Well, I am jumping back in, and will try to catch things up in the next few days or weeks, depending on life around here!img_7980

November 2008

This is my favorite picture from Elli’s 8th birthday.  She had a very special friend over for a movie and pizza and then we let her open a present – a manual typewriter!  It has been on her wishlist for some time, and she loves it!  I love the fact that the fancy new computer is in the background, and only Nevi cares to play with it – all the kids were too enthralled with the typewriter!  Not too much technological progess being made in our home!


December 2008

Christmas Eve, after church and pictures, we all settled in at my parents house for some yummy east coast pizza and gingerbread house making. I realized that I hadn’t done a very good job of explaining the whole process to Sam, when after decorating his, he immediately got to work eating it – when I told him that it was time to finish up, he started picking the candy off the house and stuffing into his mouth as fast as he could, saying, “I’m not done yet mommy!”  He thought part of the event was eating the whole house!


December 2008

Grammy and her boys!  What a blessing to have a cousin partner for each of my kids!  This trip was so much fun for them.


The girls after the production they put on for us.

And then my camera broke…  Thank goodness it was actually only the media card, but I didn’t know it at the time, so no one gets to see pictures of our time at State College with the Thompson cousins, Hershey Park with the Priors, or D.C. with the Martin cousins.  I can speak for the whole family when I say that although it is so sad that we live so far away from these amazing friends and family, we feel so blessed that they are in our lives.  We can’t wait for future memories to be made during our travels home.

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