Treasure Box

I have always viewed my laundry shoot as a huge asset to trying to keep an “orderly” home.  I never have to look at piles of dirty laundry on the main levels of my house, and no one minds throwing their clothes down.  When Janie was born, in the throws of trying to control a wild toddler, I was petrified that Ellie would try to put Janie in it.  Thank goodness that never happened – with any of the kids.

Any playmate that has come to play at our house has always been fascinated with the contraption – I often find “treasures” ie; stuffed animals, little legos and Polly Pockets at the landing – so, as long as I can remember, along with the kids’ pile of laundry to bring up each week, there are always miscellaneous toys to bring up as well.  No big deal…

Until… Millie discovered it.  This week I opened the landing door to discover hundreds of paper clips, tacks and clips mixed in with the dirty clothes – she went to my desk drawer, grabbed the containers full of supplies, and dumped them down the shoot!

I’m getting too old for this job!


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