Oh, how the sights and smells of the Atlantic fill my cup.  This morning was especially sweet.  The older girls were on the sand before 9am, hunting for shells, dead jellyfish and crabs.  We all returned shortly after with suits and boards.  I set up a chair right near the water so that I could keep an eye on all the kids.  As I watched Elli and Janie go far into the surf with Maddie and Morgan, letting the waves crash over them, laughing and talking as they went, my heart swelled with  pride and gratitude.  These sweet girls have none of my crazy fears of getting pummeled by the waves – they just head right in looking for adventure.  They loved every minute of  it!

Even Nevi, who spent most of her time under the canopy, was perfectly happy playing with  her toes in the sand.

We ended this glorious day with wonderful seafood, wine, and a thunderstorm.  Thank you Lord, for this special time away with family, and the chance to see more of Your beautiful creation.  To God be the glory!


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  1. Heidi, this sounds so wonderful! I’m glad you’re having such a fun and relaxing time with your family – you deserve it! We miss you, though…

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