****  This is not for those with a weak stomach!

I am typing this out as fast as I can, so as to not  forget the details.  I am not sure I will ever forget though!

I had just dropped Elli and Janie at gymnastics and took the younger three for a quick trip to Target.  I put Millie in the sling, Nevi in the front of the cart, and Sam in the main part of the cart.  We stopped at the snack shop for the usual:  blueberry muffin for Nevi, pretzel with cheese for Sam, and a diet coke for me.  We were happy.

Fast forward to the last aisle of our shopping trip.  Sam was loaded down with groceries, shoes and toiletries all around him, and underneath the cart.  Millie was getting fussy.  I heard a strange sound, but didn’t pay much attention until it wouldn’t go away.  I looked over at Sam and to my horror he was vomitting ALL OVER the cart.   This was not just a little, in a controlled location.  He hit EVERYTHING!  It was all over the floor, in my purse, and covering the groceries.  I froze.  I could not decide whether to make a run for the bathroom, or just leave the cart full of groceries and head for the car.  After a moment I decided to go with the bathroom idea.

Providentially, the family restroom was open.  I didn’t know where to start.  I couldn’t put Millie down on the floor, and the cart was covered, but I couldn’t think of how to clean Sam up with her in my arms.  Finally I put her in Nevi’s spot and went to work stripping him down.  I even had to wash out his shoes! At some point during our time in the bathroom Nevi started crying.  She had just noticed that her new little pink ballet flats had been hit –  badly!  As we were heading at the bathroom, Sam said, “Mom, did you throw the rest of my pretzel away, because I really want to eat it!”

After about 15 minutes, I went back out to the store with Sam sitting in the back,  naked.  I quickly headed to the boy’s clothes section and picked out something decent for him to wear.

Now for the checkout…  I was relieved that the girl at the counter seemed kind, and that she had a scanner gun.  I simply held up each of the worst hit items for her to scan and  she would open up the bags for me to put the item in.  At one point I had to ask for some paper towels to clean the floor again around our cart.  It was so gross.

As I was checking out, one of my former student’s mom called out to me.  Not  the moment to be seen …  But I survived and felt so relieved to have  clipped all the kids into their car seats ready to head home –  until I  realized that I had left my purse in the store!!!



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3 responses to “A MOMENT I DON’T WANT TO RE-LIVE

  1. Adam Fink

    Kelsey and I were thinking about starting a family of our own until we read this post. I think we will have to wait a few more years until I get a stronger stomach.

  2. Renee Edwards

    No way. Impossible that you did not run out to the car leaving the cart and its vomit hidden in an out of the way corner of the store. For this, you will have a mansion in heaven, guaranteed.

  3. Oh Heidi–All I can say is that you are the only girl I know who could handle all of that, with a smile, calmly and have your children still alive. My favorite part is Sam asking if there was still pretzel left!!! Such a boy!

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