Almost every day I want to sit down and blog the moments that I share with Nevi and Sam while the older girls are at school.  The problem is that what I am experiencing is difficult to put into words.

They are quite the pair.  Most of the time they get along well.  Neither of them EVER stop talking, and no matter where I am, they find me.  When I am in the kitchen they try to hop up on the counter to “help” crack eggs, wash dishes or run the food processor.  If I sneak down the basement to do laundry, one or both will find me and want to help load the clothes, press the buttons, and pour the soap.  Also, while I am down there, they always go into the storage room to find toys I am storing, to try to convince me to bring a few up.  I can’t tell you how many times Sam has gotten me to bring up the box of pirate party supplies, only to find eye patches and “scelecopes” all over the house 20 minutes later.  I don’t know why I keep letting them.  Both are very convincing when they beg!

I have often called them my two little puppies:  always under your feet, full of mischief, but adorable just the same!


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