When it was time to schedule Millie for her 2 month check-up, I signed Nevi and Sam up for their yearly check-ups as well.  I knew that it would be challenging because the two girls needed shots.  I asked Nathan to pray for us and headed in.

Upon arrival, our hilarious pediatrician announced that all three children would be getting numerous shots, and “Boy do I feel bad for you!”  I set my strategy and did not tell Sam or Nevi  until it was time for the shots.  Nevi took them like a trooper.  She just laid there with huge tears in her eyes.   Sam immediately starting crying, and by the time he was on the table, it had turned into screams and I had to put a passive restraint hold on him to keep him still.  It was terrible.  He looked at me with the most scared eyes and kept yelling, “mommy don’t let them!”

When it was all over  all three little ones were crying and we headed out the door to Target .  Sam and Nevi each got to pick out a very little toy as a reward.  Nevi immediately picked out a “Hello Meow Meow” toy, and it took Sam about 45 minutes to settle on a super hero figure.  They were both very happy.

Fast forward a few days…  Sam was looking through a toy catalog and said, “Mom, I really want this toy.  When is my next shot?”  !!!  I guess it wasn’t so bad afterall.



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2 responses to “HIS FIRST JOB

  1. Beth Lamont

    Heidi, I just love reading your blog and seeing the pics of your kids. I must admit, I think they all look alike at the very young ages, but Sam is beginning to branch out and the girls are looking different ages more now. Of course, if I were around them I’m sure I would see the differences, but you can’t complain even if they all looked exactly alike – what cuties!!! You write the blog so well and it will be neat to have this when the kids grow older – easier than a baby book and more spontaneous. Glad to see a pictures of Emilie. I was spelling her name Emily because Josh’s wife Emily uses that spelling – so of course!
    Keep it up and I’ll check in every now and then.

  2. I always knew it was time for shots when my mom said, “Let’s go get ice cream!” It was the ONLY time we ever went out for ice cream…and we had to suffer our shots first 🙂

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