Our sweet boy turned four last week!  We celebrated with the usual doughnut tower cake for breakfast with Grandma Sue, Papa Sam, Aunt Mim and Uncle Danny.


He had a great “GI Joe Batman party” party with friends at the park.


Today at the doctors office for his 4 year check-up, the doctor asked him if he was eating well and then made Sam list off his favorite foods.  Without a seconds hesitation he rattled off ,  “sweets, snacks and candy!”

Here are some facts about Sam right now:

  • His speech is improving, but he stills says “yittle” for little and “nola bar” for his favorite snack
  • On that note…  he is a terrible eater.  LOVES snacks, but not much else.  Meal time takes some effort.  He HATES meat of any kind, unless of course, it contains nitrates (sausage, bacon or hot dogs).  When any meal is over he will ask for a snack!
  • He never wears a shirt unless we make him.  He is very curious as to why they are important.  He has big dreams that he shares on numerous occasions to open a restaurant called, “No Shirts Allowed”  We’re hoping it’s for only boys!
  • On a weekly basis he will come up to Nathan or I and tell us what he wants to buy us for our birthdays.  Nine times out of ten it is a pair of sheets in a pattern we might like (Batman for Daddy and flowers for Mommy.)  I am not sure where he got his love for linens!
  • When he does anything he doesn’t like he rubs his head – just like his dad!
  • He loves the library.  He always picks out books for daddy while he’s there.  The last one he picked was titled, “Barbarians”
  • He has the best laugh – it always makes me start laughing.

What a blessing to have had four laughter filled years with this boy.  I pray for many more to come!!!


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