It was New Year’s Day 2009  in D.C..   Nothing out of the ordinary was taking place – the older kids made crafts and put on a play.  The younger ones destroyed Marci and Will’s living room  with cowboys and knights 26 times or so.  We took a walk to a great park for a picture of all the cousins.   I think we even ate some leftover chinese food from New Years Eve.   I never really thought too much about the fact that I didn’t feel quite right and seemed to be a little emotional.  Without much thought I told Marci that I wanted to stop at a drug store on our way home from the park.  I bought a pregnancy test and laughed to myself thinking I was crazy to waste the money on one,  still not thinking it could actually be positive.  I took the test and received the results VERY Quickly.  Time seemed to stop – my mind going crazy – FIVE kids!  FIVE tuitions!  FIVE seats to fill in our van – oh my word, we’ll be too big for a minivan!

243  days later  I had a very different attitude…  God saw fit to grace Nathan and I with a beautiful new daughter, Emillie Joy!  From the moment I looked into those beautiful little eyes, I was in love.  How could I have ever been anxious about that New Years Day surprise?  8 weeks later as I type this, she is laying next to me and I couldn’t feel more content.  Tired and overwhelmed? yes, but filled with JOY nonetheless!

Sweet Millie!

“Little Millie”

9.1 lbs, 21 1/2 inches





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