Sam came down from his “nap” to have a snack with me as I checked my email. The following conversations were had in a 5 minute timespan over a bowl of Lays Classic Potato Chips.

“Mom, do you know what “pay” means? It means when the police come and arrest you and put you in the dungeon and put the arm things on you. That what the bad pay means.”

“Good pay means someone gives you money and it’s good.”


He suddenly said, “Mom, watch me dance like a ballerina” – followed by a beautiful twirl. He looked up me and said, “A super hero kind of ballerina mommy, not a girl one!” OH yeah, I know what you’re talking about…


Nevi, look there’s the baby’s belly button (pointing to mine) and said, “Nevi, there’s a baby in there, but it’s all covered up”


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One response to “5 MINUTES WITH SAM

  1. Sue

    Hi Heidi,

    Congrats on the new baby! Can’t wait to see pics. I LOVE your blog! The recent story about Sam is adorable! (I wish I had written down all those moments with my kids).

    Love ya!

    Aunt Sue

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