You might get bored, but if I don’t write it down, I know I will forget!

Sam, I love that you say:

  • “yittle” instead of little
  • “trans” for changing something (you got it from the word transformer)  “mom, I am going to trans this guy into a truck”
  • “It will be ok” for anything you do wrong.  “Mom, I peed in my bed, but it will be ok.”
  • “I’m going to take a nap” when it is time for bed at night, and when I say it is time to take a nap you say that it isn’t dark yet.  I can’t seem to make you understand.
  • When Daddy wants to take you to work with him, you always say, “Daddy, maybe I’ll go tomorrow.”
  • “Hi” and wave to anyone you pass by – in the grocery cart, on a walk, or running in the stroller
  • “You’re my best mommy”

Nevi, I love when you say

  • “Hello Meow, Meow” for Hello Kitty.  You call every animal by its sound, and correct us when we don’t.
  • “Ry” for cry.  Elli was in bed crying the other night and you came in and said “Why Eyee ry mommy?”
  • “I freem truck all gone”  You are deathly afraid of the ice cream truck.  The other night after you went to bed, I heard the music a few blocks away and you started crying so hard – we have no idea what started this.  Yesterday I was kidding with you and said, “Nevi, I hear the ice cream truck!”  You looked at me with huge scared eyes, and after I told you I was kidding, you put your hand on your chest and said. “Oh, you fared me mommy!”IMG_3728

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  1. OK, I don’t get bored, because I do the same thing on my blog 🙂

    I LOVE the “trans” =”change”–SO cute!

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