Creative Outlet???


Elli just combined her Christmas and birthday money from Grammy and Papa to buy a Flip video camera.  I was singing its praises for days as I watched the kids make silly movies around the house and outside, and then hooking it up to the tv to view.  I envisioned plays written and acted out, mysteries developed and solved on camera – I couldn’t have been more pleased with this new creative outlet for the kids.

Fast forward to Saturday morning..  Elli came in bright and early to say she had filled up its one hour memory and they were going to view their handywork.  Of course I had NO problem with this type of tv watching!  Well, to my utter disgust, after walking down the stairs, I realized the what the kids were watching was the bootlegged copy of Holly Hobby that they had taped while watching at another time!  45 minutes of video was wasted on a movie on tv!  That is just like my kids to morph a great thought provoking activity  into a chance to watch tv!


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  1. Man, this is totally something my girls would do!

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