I have recently asked for prayer to help me deal with my obsessive need for perfection at home with the kids.  I feel like I am always asking them to clean something up, be quiet, or go to bed.  I feel as though the kids might only have memories of me NOT enjoying them.  Guilt was weighing heavy on my heart.

My guilt subsided, if for only a little while, after having the following conversation with Janie on the way to school yesterday:

Janie:  “Mom, next week is going to be the best week for you!  You are soooo lucky!”

Me:  “Why’s that Janie-girl?”

Janie:  “Because it will be Thanksgiving break, and you get to have us home the WHOLE week!



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  1. I think I could have written this post myself, Heidi! Thanks for helping me know I’m not the only one 🙂

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