What a weekend.  The kids and I braved the cold and the rain to spend sometime in Kansas City this weekend.  We spent Friday night in Ottawa, watching Daddy coach his team in the conference play-offs.  It was great game to watch, but ended terribly – we lost 2-3 with 40 seconds to go in the second sudden death overtime. Painful…

As in everything my kids do, I marvel at how differently they handle it.  It was cold.  And wet.  Elli didn’t care at all.  She was so excited to watch the team play, that she climbed a fence blockade so that she could sit under the bleachers and watch.  Janie and Nevi enjoyed most of the game in the warmth of our van listening to Dancing Queen and Super Trooper.  They didn’t care about the game at all.  Sam rotated back and forth between flirting with the girls in the stands and playing swords and guns with a nice  8 year old boy he befriended.  I had to convince him to get in the car after the game.

Next we headed to Overland Park to spend the night at Mitch and Nancy’s house – wow, did the girls love that!  They had great toys to play with, slept in a beautiful bed completely adorned in pink, and were able to watch tv in bed!  Wow, thank you “Hotel Mitch and Nancy!”

Saturday we met Ann and her three youngest at the Toy and Miniature Museum.  Janie was sure at home there!  It was fascinating.  Then it was off to Crown Center to fulfill my longing for great pizza at D’Bronx Deli.  I was in heaven – the slices were oozing with cheese and needed to be folded in half to eat.  I wonder how much delivery would cost to my house???  We ended the day at the Crayola store and then to Ann’s house to relax and visit.

As I was getting all the kids back in the car to head home, Janie turned to me and said, “Tibi Gratias ago, Mom, for a super fun weekend!”  Translation:  Thanks! You’ve got to love Latin class!


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