img_3787So, this is not our family’s shining moment.  The carpets throughout the house were cleaned on Tuesday, and member of our family have been dropping like flies with the stomach flu ever since.  The house is a wreck (I haven’t even attempted to move furniture back from the cleaning), and meals have been close to non-existent, (Tonight I laid out several strange items and told the kids to each eat a veggie, fruit, protein and a grain!)

Thankfully my hero, Aunt Joni, came to the rescue yesterday when I was dying on the couch, and took the three healthy children with her.  She returned after feeding and bathing (The hot tub counts as a bath, doesn’t it?) then brought them back home to read to them and tuck them in bed.  What a friend!!!

So tonight, as I tucked in the last child, anticipating the chance to finally get my house back in order,  Nevi started crying.  To my dismay, I discovered that she had fallen victim to the bug as well.

Who’s left?  Janie.  It has me thinking…  Maybe she’s just healthier than the rest of us.  I can’t feed her enough fruits and vegetables.  That is ALL she wants to eat.  I knew she was quite the phenomenon with her eating, but the day she went and got a straw to suck up the last of the juice from the steamed broccoli, I knew she must have been switched at birth!


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  1. Oh, that’s my kind of girl! I hope you all are better soon–three of my girls had it a couple weeks ago, and thankfully, it was fairly mild. Even baby Isabella got it! Glad I hadn’t started her on solids yet 🙂

    I’m going to say the inevitable, “Let’s get together soon!” I really mean it. But then, don’t we always?Ha!

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