No normal first word for this little 15 month old – no… She didn’t start with “Ma-ma”, “Da-Da”, or “no”. Instead, she went straight for a sentence – I UNT DAT (I want that!)!!! She says it 100 times a day, anytime she sees something she wants.

Other words she has added:
Gung ga gung \gung ga gung\ noun – Thank you
She says this every time you hand her said object that she asked for.

Uh-uh, \uh-uh\ adverb – Yes, or no
depending on the question, and her mood.

Egh!!!!, \Egh!!\ noun – Stay away from me and said object that I have in my hand!                                  We hear this sound many times throughout the day.

I don’t think we have to worry about her being tortured by her siblings. She can definitely hold her own!


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