Ok, not really. I still do the laundry, pack lunches, order people around, wash dishes, and cook many meals, but… I no longer cook our weekly four grain pancakes. Under Aunt Mim’s tutelage, Elli has become our new pancake chef . She didn’t want an ounce of help, and they tasted great!

Her first hungry customer!



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3 responses to “I’VE BEEN REPLACED

  1. Ann

    What? no more 4-grain pancakes! AAARGH!

  2. Hey!!! Thanks for commenting on our blog! You seem to be the “one” with the wit! I love it–it’s rare that someone catches me so off guard as you did at Calvin! Perhaps, I can find out more about you through your blog as i hope you will through ours. And….thanks for praying–this adoption is so different from Will’s, but then I guess all pregnancies are different!

  3. I’d love that recipe sometime–my buttermilk ones are a hit, but something different would be nice!

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