That was the lullaby I would to sing to Janie all the time – adapted, of course, from James Taylor’s original. That sweet little baby is now 6 years old!

That tiny little baby (our only one under 8.5 lbs) has grown up to be such a special girl! She never walks anywhere, and will rarely look me in the eye or give me a hug, but in her own nonchalant way, she will snuggle up beside me in a chair and hold my hand, or call out in the night that she wants me, and those moments melt my heart…

I love that…

She never really gets grumpy, loves anything miniature, won’t sleep under her covers because it messes up her bed, wants me to read to her every night, loves every vegetable and fruit you put in front of her, plays make believe with anyone she can find, never gets bored, is amazing with the computer, and loves to play games with me. I love you Janie Girl!


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