NATHAN:  Great seafood, crashing in the waves with each of the kids (no one was afraid this year!) and the EuroCup on the plasma TV in the living room (with a view of the water!)

HEIDI:  Smelling the ocean air, watching my kids fall in love with the ocean, babies napping at the house with the dads while my sister and I sat on the beach with the big kids – diet coke and book in hand … that is what I imagine heaven will be like! 

THE KIDDOS:  Hanging out with cousins, body surfing, chasing crabs, collecting shells and dead jellyfish, visits from the ice cream truck, and…  a tv in every room!





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5 responses to “THE OUTERBANKS

  1. That sounds like Heaven to me too! We are going on vacation to the beach with my twin sister and her family this year, so I will get a little taste of that!
    I love your pics! It makes me excited for the beach!

  2. Ann

    I will not be jealous! 🙂

  3. My name is Lindsay and I found you through our mutual friend, Ann. I’m very interested in the Feingold Diet. I’m wandering if you could tell me your experience? I’m also wandering if I need to purchase the materials, or if it’s something I could figure out on my own. Any thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated. You can me at the address above. Thank You!

  4. woops…the website above is not mine….here’s the right one…

  5. Kathy Stegall

    It does sound like heaven! Happy to have found your blog. See you at Calvin. I want to meet all the little ones.

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