Sam and his buddy were having a great time playing together, so I left them to work on something down the hall. I kept hear a banging sound followed by giggles. After a few minutes passed, I went to investigate. This is the scene I witnessed: The contents of 2 entire shelves in his closet were empty with the exception of 2 giddy little boys, and all the “Stuff” that used to be neatly set on the shelves, was strewn across the floor. Again, not wanting to waste a perfectly good blogging moment, I grabbed the camera. I’ve got to get control of this boy!


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One response to “MISCHIEF OF THE DAY…

  1. CJ

    Thank heaven for little girls! Although, girls can find mischief too…just today my sweet girls dumped one of those large tubs of popcorn down the stairs. I, too, grabbed the camera, and someday it will probably show up on my blog.

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