Holidays are always so much fun with the kids. On Valentine’s Day this year, Nathan got the girls these silly stuffed animals that roll up into a ball and smell like fruit. They both had their hearts set on them for Christmas, but honestly, I had no idea what they were talking about. Luckily, I stumbled (Actually Elli did) upon them at Target one day, and snatched them up for Nathan to give for Valentine’s Day. I felt extremely guilty buying such a silly toy and was sure that as soon as the girls received them, they would not be as enthused. I was wrong. They loved them!

One other special treat was that Aunt Mim brought each of the kids their own little bundt cake from a local bakery that actually makes an all natural cake (Horray for Elli!) It is not every day that she can eat a store bought cake. I loved watching how each of the kids ate their cake. Elli picked every piece of iciing off and a few bites of the cake, wrapped it up and put it in the refrigerator. Janie, my disciplined one, ate a few small bites and decided to save the rest for later. Sam, who could not get past the fact that he had one whole cake to himself, picked up the entire thing with his fork and devoured it. Sam devouring cake


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  1. Ann

    What the girls differences remind me of is Laura and Mary Ingalls. Every time they got a sweet in the book, Mary had complete self-discipline, which drove Laura crazy.

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