Girls teeth

We had two firsts in the family in a 24 hour period this past month (Can you tell I am trying to catch up on my blog?)  Janie lost her first tooth, and Elli lost her first top tooth.  For some reason, this is not a happy event for me.  First of all, I become nauseas at the sight of a dangling tooth.  Second, it really changes the appearance of my little girls – something I am not quite ready for.  Again, just like the cakes, I am fascinated by the differences in my kids.  At first awareness of a loose tooth, Elli will wiggle day and night.  It keeps her up at night, and it is a major distraction at school.  I think her teacher was ready to pull it out herself, just so that Elli could get on with her day!  From initial feelings of movement, to completely out, it can take Elli a few days.  Janie on the other hand, had a loose tooth for a few months – she would never touch it.  It just fell out while she ate a muffin!


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