Elli and I went to church today, while Daddy stayed home with Janie (Strep throat and mono!!!) and the two little ones. When I returned, I found a wild scene. Sharpie markers and glitter glue, a boat made out of chairs and couch cushions, and a child casting an actual fishing pole into our living room!

Why is it that the kids come up with the most creative activities (aka – messes) when I am not around? Could it be that they know, inevitably, I will ask them to clean it up, or say, “Oh, let’s not get that out right now”, or “Maybe later.” With Daddy, they just enjoy life to the fullest! I am glad these kids have both of us. Me, for food, clothes, and a sensible bedtime. Daddy, for fun!



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2 responses to “WHO’S WATCHING THE KIDS???

  1. Ann

    Well, I’m glad G.G. didn’t fall off the table!

  2. It’s a known fact…Daddy do not watch them like we do. I clearly remember the feeling of my Mom being gone and my Daddy being in charge….everything changed!!!!!! We got to do things unthinkable when she was gone!!

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