Specimen A: Mommy’s lipstick Sam walked into Nevi’s room with my back turned towards him saying, “Beeg Mess Mommy!” I turned around to this face. Why do I leave my lipstick just lying around? That’s where the first dining room chair comes into play. He was trying to get the candy from the pumpkin on top of the buffet by moving the chair over, and he got side tracked by my tube of lipstick.

Specimen B: The pumpkin PatchHaving a GREAT time going down the slide at the pumpkin patch

He got so excited, why go all the way around the hill to get back up? He just took off up the hill, lost both his shoes in the mud, but there was no stopping him from going back down that slide. It took two adults to get him unstuck, and me down at the bottom laughing and shooting pictures. What could I do??? I was holding sweet Nevi…

Specimen C: The Tootsie Roll

I found this scene on our dining room buffet, with yet another chair pulled up along side it. When I walked in the room, he cocked his head sideways, squinted his eyes really cute, and said “Candy, Mom!” while brown drool poured out of his mouth. You may be asking why I just keep knives lying around – that’s where another chair comes into play… along side our knife drawer!




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4 responses to “TOO MUCH TWO

  1. cj

    Thanks for sharing! It reminds me of things that have happened around here. It’s scary when they figure out that chairs can extend their reach!

  2. the editor

    oh, that little boy is going to keep you on your toes! All you Angells were just itching for some boys and now you know what OUR lives have been like!! 🙂
    hope you are all well,
    carolyn terry

  3. Sherri

    Yep, but that’s little curious boys for you :)!
    Love the lipstick picture!!

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