Friday, May 11th at 1:54 pm, “Little” 9lb 3oz Geneva Grace entered the world! The delivery went well, and it was a wonderful day surrounded by friends and family as we celebrated her arrival. The girls were beside themselves with excitement, and Sam is still trying to figure out what to think – although, he does enjoy stealing her pacifiers!

She has many nicknames at this point (GiGi, Nevi, Geneva Grace, Geneva College (Janie told the neighbors to come in and see her new baby sister, Geneva College!) and Gracie) In sticking with our tradition of naming our girls something meaningful (Grandmother

s names) and them calling them by a nickname that is not derived from that name (Eliza to Elli, Janis to Janie), we are going to call Geneva Grace something else. Our leaning is toward Nevi, but the jury is still out! Stay tuned.



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7 responses to “SHE’S HERE!!!

  1. Anonymous

    What a doll baby!!!!!!!! I am so excited little ‘Snow’ white is here…did I tell you ‘nevi’ spelled ‘neve’ in Portuguese is “snow”? hahaha…Can you add that to the bin of possibilities?? 😉 All the kids look super adorable enjoying their new baby sis!! Thanks for sharing…praying for you in many ways…lots of love, les

  2. Ann

    Very good! Congrats again and much love.

  3. cj

    What a sweet beautiful girl! Congratulations and blessings to you. I’m so glad to hear that you are all doing well.

  4. carolyh terry

    Congratulations on your new baby girl!

  5. Anonymous

    Heidi, Nathan, and the kids-
    Congrats on girl #3! I do love the new grandma name! Nevi or GiGi are my faves. Love to you all and congrats again.

    Lee Wayson

  6. Sherry and Tom

    Congradulations Heidi and Nathan. Your kids are adorable! We missed your mom and dad when they visisted here. Good luck with your great family…Wish we could be there! Much love to you and yours!

  7. The Mama of the House

    It’s funny but we kind of do the same thing. Our third is Anika but we call her Kiki or Riki, depending on what we think of first. And I know my vote is very worthless, but I LOVE Nevi!

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