I found this picture of Sam tonight while working on a project and I couldn’t stop laughing… Back in October while I was in the living room visiting with friends, my little “Pumpkin” was in the kitchen picking through the trash eating candy from our party! I would have died if this had happened to Elli as a baby, but this time, all I could do was grab the camera!


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3 responses to “SIGN OF A THIRD CHILD

  1. connie

    Happy to have found your blog via Carolyn and The Terry Tribune! Your children are adorable. Isn’t this a wonderful way for everyone to keep up with each other? Thank goodness for cameras and internet!
    Love to all…

  2. The Mama of the House

    This is a great website! I’m so glad to have met you at presbyterial and can’t wait to see you here in the Springs! Cindy is excited, too.

    I’m a bit worried about the 3rd child syndrome. My youngest is getting the shaft and she’s only 2 months old!

  3. Sherry

    This reminds me of the time you and Jody were staying with us and I came into the kitchen and found you eating out of the dog’s dish…was my cooking that bad? I think you might have been four.
    Love you, Sherry!

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