IT IS OFFICIAL. My childhood home belongs to another family. Poor Princess, I wander if they know she’s buried back there.

Top ten things I remember:
1. The treehouse Dad built with the “Elevator rope lift”
2. Jodi and I sliding down that rope and spending the rest of the day with our rope burned hands in water.
3. Sneaking out of the house – knowing every stair that creaked, and just how to open the sliding glass door, as to not wake up mom and dad.
4. Dad waking up in the middle of the night to find the sliding glass door mysteriously open a crack, shutting and locking it, and Jodi and I having to sleep out on the deck all night.
5. Waiting at the top of the stairs every Christmas morning while Mom and Dad tried to get the camera just right, excited to show us whatever “Big” present had been left open under the tree.
6. The year the big present under the tree was a set of encyclopedias that Dad was a little happier about giving than Jodi and me receiving!
7. All the fun we had with the other East Pond kids, including Eric & Alex, Wendy, Craig, Chris, Danny, Tara, Debbie, Carol, Patrick, and Colleen. Some of the highlights include: raking leaves all day and then spending hours jumping off the ladder into the huge pile we had made out in the woods, sledding out by the barn, and countless games of Capture the Flag
8. Jodi winning the “Miss East Pond Lane” Contest and coming out on stage, only to have the judges recount their votes and announce me the winner (That was a childhood highlight for me!)
9. Eating Michaelangelos Pizza out on the deck (Will I EVER find pizza that compares?)
10. The way I felt every time I came home on break from college, or after moving away once I got married. Nothing felt more right. I’m kind of sad to know I will never be back there to experience the feeling again.


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