Elli is very scared of bees right now. The weather is beautiful these days, and she wishes it were cold so that the bees would go away. The picture of Elli is one I shot when she thought she saw one. It was a mosquito!

I wasn’t sure how to handle the problem, so we went to the library to find some books on the subject, thinking that if she were more informed about the little monsters, she might not be so scared. Elli was relieved to find out that males do not have stingers. Now, everytime she sees one, she says, “Maybe it’s a boy!” One page in the book described the pollination process and then showed you how to make your own flowers. We made the ones pictured yesterday (Along with the bee – it’s a girl – can you tell?) and this morning I found them dripping some sort of sticky substance. On closer inspection I realized it was honey. Elli thought they should be filled with nectar – just like real flowers. What a girl.


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  1. Melkhi

    Flowers filled with honey ~ very cute and sweet! I love the way kids think!

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